10 reasons you should bike to work

Besides burning fat and looking good in spandex, biking to work can offer many benefits for getting through that eight hour day. Here are ten reasons you should commute by bicycle:

1. Save Time
Get through the traffic congestion in a breeze by biking to work. Skip the overcrowded trains/subways, the stop and go freeways, and efficiently navigate those side streets instead.

2. Be Happy
Exercise helps relieve stress, improve sleep, and combat depression – even on Mondays.

3. Do Good
Bicycles don’t use gas! You can help the environment to and from work. Plus, less cars on the road means safer commutes. You can give yourself a pat on the back for your daily good deed.

4. Pocket Cash
With no gas bill and a tax-free reimbursement plan for bike maintenance, you’ll have more money to save or to splurge.

5. Two birds
Get your commute and exercise in at once! No need to squeeze in gym time during the week because you bring the gym with you.

6. Stay Sharp
Daily exercise helps boost brain power and can help you stay focused.

7. Fight Germs
Besides avoiding the germ infested public transit, biking can help reduce blood pressure, and flush out cold and flu-causing bacteria from your lungs and airways.

8. Have fun
Look forward to your daily commute and enjoy the fresh air, surroundings, and being active.

9. Burn Calories
Stop avoiding the office snacks because you earned those extra calories.

10. Slay Selfies
In other words, regain that confidence. Exercise improves self-esteem which can help you discover your worth, see your value, and finally ask for that raise!


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