10 reasons you should have coloring books in the breakroom

With year-end quickly approaching, employee wellness is more important than ever. A quick and easy wellness activity is coloring.

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, but they aren’t anything new. Researchers have studied the health benefits of coloring for years.

Loosely based on these studies, here are the top ten reasons you should add coloring books (and coloring tools of your choice) in the breakroom.

1. Stress Relief
A study published in 2005 measured the effects coloring had on 84 undergraduate students. The students were placed in three groups. Group one colored a mandala. Group two got a geometric form. Group three had a blank piece of paper.

The mandala & geometric groups showed lower stress and anxiety levels compared to the blank paper group.

2. Work “Breaks”
We’re all guilty of talking about work on our breaks, eating lunch from our desk, or discussing projects outside of the office. This can add stress as well as stall productivity. Having coloring books accessible can help you take a quality breaks from your “breaks”.

3. Increase Engagement
It’s no secret meditation is encouraged to help clear the mind, but many people are intimidated by the practice. Coloring can help clear your mind similar to that of meditation, because it keeps you engaged on one single task.

4. No judgment
When completely engaged in coloring, you won’t second guess your strategy for that upcoming project, or dwell on the presentation you gave yesterday. Instead you will be focused on the moment. Even better, focused on the moment without judgement. After all, we are our own worst critics.

5. Productivity Enhanced
Engagement + no judgment = productive. Or, at the least, work completed without inhibition.

6. Resume Builder
Well, a hobby builder. Equipped with a few doodles and coloring tools, you’ve got yourself a new hobby! Now you and your coworkers are official colorers!

7. Blue Colors
Screens are everywhere these days which can cause eye strain. One of the major culprits- blue light. The sun exposes us to blue light every day, so receiving it at night can damage our vision. And even worse, disrupt our sleep. So trade in the social media feed and Huffington Post app for a blue color pencil instead.

8. Negative Positive Thoughts
Dr. Joel Pearson is a brain scientist from the University of New South Wales in Australia. He theorizes that the concentration and focus it takes to color an image helps distract our brains from producing negative images because we are seeing positive ones. This circles back to lowering stress and anxiety.

9. Problem Solving
Coloring is essentially solving a problem: you bring balance to a design by choosing specific colors while using fine motor skills. This activates the right and left hemisphere of your brain as well as utilizes the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is the area responsible for organization and problem solving.

10. Inexpensive Wellness
There’s a lot of fancy employee wellness programs to help relieve stress. But with a simple amazon search, you can get several coloring books and coloring tools for less than the cost of a frou frou coffee order.

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