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3 Things to Consider For Your Remote Cannabis Workforce

Looking back on this past year and the struggles the pandemic brought on across industries, it is clear to see just how adaptive organizations had to be in order to make it this far. One of the biggest workplace changes brought on by the pandemic was the shift to remote work. Going forward, many businesses are choosing to keep a remote workforce or at least are willing to consider it. The cannabis industry is no exception and have also followed suit and began building their own remote work forces as well. Where possible, cannabis businesses have begun restructuring their workforces to adapt to the pandemic.

Cannabis company leaders need to make their decisions on how to operate going forward. If they do choose to retain a full or partial remote workforce, they must plan for an optimal strategy. It is important to think strategically about what the next move will be. Whether it is with a small or large workforce, here are a few things to consider.

1.Hybrid or Full-Time?

Employers should consider if they want to continue with a fully remote workforce or with a hybrid model. Some may opt to go with their employees coming in a few times. While others may choose to have a few remote-only workers. To determine what works best, organizations should consider the following:

  • Nature of the work– Work that is independent and does not require a lot of collaboration is often ideal for remote work scheduling. This does not mean that collaborative work is not possible from home. That type of work just requires more effort to manage and stay on top of. Some projects just are not compatible with remote-work. Projects requiring special equipment or in-person interaction usually do not work well, off-site.
  • Experience level– In some cases, new employees may benefit from being on-site for an initial period of time to better grasp their training and familiarize themselves with others in the company depending on the nature of the job. Virtual meetings and check-ups are beneficial to the orientation process when a new employee starts a remote position.
  • Less real estate costs– If a primarily remote workforce makes sense for an organization, less may be more when it comes to the actual facility. By downsizing, a business can save on rent and possibly better position themselves for sustainability and scalable growth.
  • Individual preferences– Different personalities and preferences should also be considered when deciding to work remotely. Some employees may thrive better in-person and while others work best remotely. It is important to have open communication with your employees to understand what works best for each individual.

2.Policies Will Need Updating

You will need to consider what policies will need to be adjusted to fit with your new model of operations. Consider the following:

  • Recruiting strategies will need revisions to look for skills and competencies in candidates that suit your new work environment.
  • cannabis remoteLines of communication will need to be put in place so employees can easily speak with their co-workers and supervisors.
  • Schedules and general work hours may also need to be reconsidered to fit the new work model.
  • Location of employees. Some organizations are allowing employees to move out of state and work remotely.  Some are even hiring people that are far from the job location.

3.Maintain Your Cannabis Company’s Culture

Your company’s culture will need to be reevaluated. Spreading knowledge of the standards, values, and assumptions that are important to your company is more difficult when your workforce is spread out.

Because of this, management needs to be proactive in keeping everyone on the same page and involved with things like virtual group meetings, surveys, and regular one-on-one with employees. Inviting your workforce to contribute their thoughts and ideas on how to better the work environment is also very helpful in keeping everyone involved and offers a great perspective on how to better improve.

With intentional planning, cannabis organizations can proactively consider all the options at hand and use the past year as an example of what works best and what does not to create an optimal experience going forward.

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