5 Employee Recognition Techniques for Employee Retention

It’s only human to want to feel a sense of recognition and appreciation for your hard work and dedication. Some companies lose their best employees simply because the working environment doesn’t give them enough recognition, or validation that the work they are producing is making an impact.

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day coming in March, let’s take a moment to evaluate your employee recognition strategy. What are you doing to make your employees feel special? Is it frequent? Here are a few tried and true techniques of showing your employees they are appreciated:

  1. Employee Appreciation Day

Invest in an annual or quarterly Employee Appreciation Day. Ensuring your company provides a balanced working environment for your employees, how about a half-day of paid time dedicated to fun? Cater some food, organize some activities that employees could participate in and win prizes, have them invite their family to meet the team, etc. An event like this that takes place in the workplace could alleviate the association of stress with coming to work.

  1. Handwritten Thank-You Notes

If an employee completes a task, takes initiative, or goes above and beyond in their efforts, a handwritten note to acknowledge their hard work can go a long way. It shows that you care, that you notice, and that what they are doing is making a difference for the company. It doesn’t have to be paragraphs of sappy gratitude, but a simple “thank you for taking time on this project” may suffice.

  1. Gifts for “Years of Service”

Often, companies get lucky when employees choose to stay for a long time. Reward them with gifts when they’ve been with the company for 1, 5, 10, or 15 years! Put together a catalog of gifts that employees can choose from come time for these working milestones.

  1. Company Picnic/Holiday Party

During times that aren’t considered business hours (e.g. evenings after work or on the weekends), you can organize company dinners or parties depending on the size of your company. This is a once-a-year event fully equipped with dinner/lunch, unlimited, non-alcoholic beverages, raffles or games, and maybe even speeches/awards. Organizing an event like this gives employees an opportunity for a good time with their coworkers outside of the office while being recognized for their hard work.

  1. Surprises

Randomly bring a box of donuts for your team in the morning. Cater lunch every now and then. Pass out Starbucks gift cards. Anything that shows you care. Surprising your staff with goodies on an impromptu basis doesn’t hurt.

No matter what you decide, these simple acts of gratitude let members of your team know they are valued and without them, the business wouldn’t succeed! For more tips to keep employees happy throughout the year, make sure to follow our blog! 

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