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We understand the challenges facing cannabis business owners. Legal cannabis may be among the fastest-growing industries in the United States, but the regulatory uncertainty directly influences the availability of financial services. Fortunately, we’ve created a compliant and transparent solution addressing not only payroll, but employee management. From recruiting and on-boarding to benefit management and timekeeping, we have a cost-effective program for the cannabis industry.

Is this you?

  • Operating in fear of the day your payroll service provider terminates services
  • Paying employees in cash
  • Hiding behind a DBA or management company
  • Difficulties with maintaining transparent banking relationships

Understanding the why

The main reason that financial service providers for the cannabis industry exit the business is the lack of a formal compliance program and the lack of knowledge surrounding compliance issues. What the industry needs is comfort in knowing that their financial service providers are doing the maximum, not the least, as it relates to knowing and following the many regulations governing financial services in the industry.

The Payroll Systems Story

We realize that financial compliance, dealing with payroll taxes, and other government reporting requirements takes valuable time away from growing your business. Payroll Systems was founded over 30 years ago to assist businesses with their payroll and HR burdens. Whether it be basic payroll tax filing, electronic timekeeping, managing wage garnishments, or implementing a paperless recruiting and onboarding system, we have the expertise and technology to ease your pain – No Worries.

“It’s daunting to stay compliant in this industry. We established an internal compliance department, working with our banks and outside counsel. We also work with cannabis industry compliance experts to do site visits, stay updated on changes, and handle necessary documentation. With this program in place, we can offer transparent payroll services to our clients in the cannabis industry for the long term.”

—Tony Bowden, CEO
Payroll Systems, LLC

What We Know about the Cannabis Industry

We make it a point to know it well

Our mission is to offer a compliant payroll service to our clients in the cannabis industry. Once implemented, there are no worries about services being cancelled due to your industry. This is not easy in today’s financial environment. Our team consists of both financial experts as well as legal experts to ensure that we offer you all the services you expect, including:

  • Direct Deposit & Pay cards
  • Electronic Tax payment service
  • Tax filing service
  • W-2 and 1099
  • Wage garnishment and agency payments
  • 1 on 1 customer service with a payroll expert that knows your business challenges
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Paperless onboarding and benefit modules

What We Can Offer Your
Cannabis Business


Compliance and documentation

Our own compliance program and due diligence allows us to process cannabis payroll openly.

As a cannabis business owner, you must take on the challenge of conducting normal financial operations, despite certain prejudices against the nature of your business. This means that your payroll service provider, along with others working with you (e.g., banks, payment agencies, pay cards), also have to follow strict guidelines.

Adherence to regulations set by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the Department of Treasury, and other regulatory bodies

Payroll Systems is in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations, and therefore able to legally process payroll for cannabis businesses. We make the effort that most payroll companies won’t to ensure compliance.

Payroll Systems offers the following payroll services :

  • Direct deposit, pay history, pay stubs, and financial documentation.
  • Electronic tax payments, both to your state tax collectors and the IRS for all your payroll taxes including social security, unemployment and disability.
  • Quarterly tax filing of your payroll taxes (form 940/941) and all state forms.
  • Representation with the IRS for any tax discrepancies and notices.
  • Timekeeping systems integrated with payroll to ensure compliance and avoid fraudulent hour reporting
  • Tracking of sick, vacation and other paid time off occurrences through accrual engines.
  • Integration with 401K record-keepers for easy management of retirement plans.
  • HR compliance assistance.

Automation + professional expertise

With our payroll software and payroll expertise, you get accuracy,
savings in time and money, and easy accessibility.

  • Bookkeeping errors avoided

    We have invested in the best technology to ensure accurate and timely automated payroll processing for our clients. Our expertise on tax codes and payroll regulations steers you clear of any mistakes and inaccurate reporting.

  • Payroll process facilitated by accurate record keeping and data entry

    With our payroll software, you get additional time-saving benefits in the form of precise record keeping and data entry that eliminates the need for corrections and the threat of government penalties.

  • Steep cost of penalties averted

    Our payroll specialists make sure both the IRS and your employees get what’s due to them, on time.

  • Savings on hiring costs

    Our payroll software system will cost you significantly less than hiring a full-time bookkeeper. This means savings that can go toward growing your cannabis business or hiring someone who is far more needed elsewhere in your business.

  • Employee safety

    Remove or reduce cash with direct deposit service or paycards. Reducing cash increases employee safety.

  • Accurate job costing

    Get complete job costing (labor distribution) reporting automatically with each payroll. Track employees by job, department, location, etc. Import data into your accounting software and easily analyze labor cost trends over time.

  • Access your data 24x7 from any device

    Our cloud-based and mobile friendly payroll system offers you and your employees unprecedented convenience and flexibility in getting any payroll information you need.


Full customization & consistently available human support

Our payroll services are fully scalable. That means that you only pay for the services you need whether you have 5 or 500 employees.
We pride ourselves in backing our technology with human support. Most importantly, working with us means you get a dedicated specialist that knows your business and you can talk to anytime about anything payroll.

Compliance tips

It is possible to have the same level of financial services, for your cannabis business, as other businesses enjoy. Expect the following to be compliant and transparent with your payroll and HR technology.

  • Extra due diligence—to ensure compliance with FinCEN and AML/BSA.
  • Be ready to provide similar documentation on your business as if you were applying for a loan: organization documents, ownership structure, operational information.
  • Documentation of SOP’s and employee training records.
  • Background checks on financially interested parties and key employees.
  • On-site visits from a compliance consultant.

The Future Is Bright, After All

The promise of remarkable growth for the cannabis industry

Cannabis has now become an emerging industry making a significant positive impact in people’s lives. Although cannabis is still maintained as a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the federal government, the cannabis industry is poised to rise to prominence. Multiple estimates pegged its anticipated growth to eclipse the $20 billion mark by the early 2020s. The acceptance of the public is also promising:

  • Medical marijuana is presently legal in 33 states, including Washington, D.C.
  • Adult-use cannabis (sometimes called “recreational marijuana”) is legal in 10 states, including D.C.
  • 15 more states have decriminalized cannabis, reducing possession under certain amounts to a civil charge rather than a criminal one

Dependable Cannabis Payroll

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    The promise of dependable and top-quality payroll service

    Payroll Systems promises advanced payroll functionality that is fully scalable to cater to the specific needs of your cannabis business. Because we understand your business, we can also promise to work with you for the long term.

    Are you ready to thrive with your industry? Are you ready to say good-bye to your payroll worries and partner with a payroll company you can count on year after year?

    The right payroll and HR solutions, resources to stay compliant, and the support of expert account managers can help your business succeed.


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