Client Spotlight: Artisan Moss

It has been said that having plants in the workplace can help relieve stress. Spending time outdoors can lead to significant health benefits. But for those of us who are too busy for plant care or are too caught up with life to step outside and enjoy the roses, what’s an alternative? One of our clients, Artisan Moss, has a different approach to incorporating some greenery into your home and office. What if you could still maintain that connection with nature, care-free, but stay indoors? We couldn’t believe it either!

Artisan Moss adapts beautifully arranged plants into wall art. The business was founded by husband and wife, Travis and Erin Kinsey, in Northern California. After creating an original piece for a family member to decorate their office, the pair was inspired to turn this into an actual side project. Now, after over 10 years of business, they have 24 employees and continue to scale.

Erin’s role in the company is Lead Designer – she has a strong background in landscape design, graphic design, and was also a muralist. Travis, who comes from a background in commercial real estate, takes on the operations functions of the company and interfaces with sales. Artisan Moss currently does not have a store front and sells its products entirely online. In the beginning stages of the business, doing pieces for people’s homes was its core. However, a system was developed for shipping artwork all over the world allowing them to delve into commercial markets designing pieces for office spaces of businesses.

The art can be custom made and can range in size. They appear to be living, but all plants involved are naturally preserved. The pieces do not require water or sunlight, so they can be used in areas without daylight. No living plants also means no insects, fertilizer, or chemicals.

Artisan Moss also does a great job at leaving little-to-no carbon footprint, only using sustainably harvested moss from within the U.S.  In fact, majority of materials used are locally sourced, and the wooden frames holding the pieces together are entirely made of locally reclaimed lumber.

It was such a pleasure speaking with the company’s co-owner, Travis, and learning more about their unique business. Of course, we had to ask questions from an HR and operations stand-point as well.

Payroll Systems: “What HR challenges do you typically face?”

Travis: “As a small business, we are doing a lot of different things. Being able to stay on top of compliance issues in California is one HR challenge we’ve faced and continue to face. I don’t have time to become an expert, so it’s nice to be able to turn to those who are. Where we thought we were saving money by doing things ourselves, we save more money using a system, and we value the professional help we receive from Payroll Systems,” stated Travis.

Artisan Moss has been a client of Payroll Systems since 2018. They use our payroll services.

To see more of their work or to purchase a piece for your home or office, you can visit their website here.

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