Client Spotlight – Vantari Genetics

A black and pink recreational vehicle, with bold lettering, and an even bolder message of HELPBEATCANCER.COM, was parked outside the Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure event in Newport Beach, CA last September. The message was more than a token of motivation for Vantari Genetics (a four-year-old DNA testing company from Irvine, CA).

The visionaries from Vantari Genetics are aiming to beat cancer and redefine preventative health with cost-effective and accessible DNA testing. Whether a person has health insurance or not, they have the ability to test for gene abnormalities that can make people more prone to different types of ailments.

Test kits can be home delivered via mail; the tests are segmented into four categories:

Drug metabolism
Over 100,000 + people per year have fatal reactions to prescription drugs. The drug metabolism test will determine your genotype. You will then receive a report on how your genotype most commonly responds to specific prescription drugs and alternatives to those prescriptions if needed.

The test is a simple swab of your cheek and results are usually delivered to your doctor within two business days.

Preconception & Pregnancy
Whether you’re a parent, soon to be, or wanting to plan ahead, the tests for preconception and pregnancy are designed to help you make strategic movements forward based on you and your partner’s DNA. Parents can choose different DNA testing before they conceive, early pregnancy, and before delivery. Some common tests include Cystic Fibrosis (CF), chromosomal abnormalities, and blood clotting.

CF testing can determine if both parents are carriers of the gene mutation. If they are, their child has 25% chance of having CF. CF turns slippery secretions (mucus and sweat for example) into sticky thick secretions which can cause blockage and bacterial infections. Chromosomal abnormalities can be tested as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy by a simple blood draw. And, a cheek swab before delivery can determine if the mother is at high risk for a blood clotting disorder which is one of the leading causes of pregnancy loss or complications.

You can test, get results, and make an action plan all within seven business days.

Inherited conditions
Some illnesses are passed down from generation to generation. Diseases like Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Cardiomyopathy may show up later in life or be passed down to your children. With the Inherited conditions testing, you can find out ahead of time if you are a carrier or are prone to some of these genetic diseases.

Hereditary cancer
Beyond the litany of inherited conditions, cancer is its own beast; with a painless saliva swab, you can screen for the various gene mutations linked to over 90 different cancers.

All tests help fill in the gaps of missing family health records. The results are accompanied with genetic counseling to discuss how to move forward with the information, so you can plan ahead, be proactive, and take more control of your health and treatments.

“They are coming up with new things [tests] all the time,” said Teresa Jimenez, Vantari’s accountant. “It keeps me out of trouble,” Teresa said jokingly about working remotely for the company. Teresa keeps busy with bookkeeping, payroll, reports, and helping the many Vantari employees throughout the country. Thanks to the Payroll Systems platform, she can easily process payroll and run reports for the employees in the comfort of her own home. At first, she was a little hesitant switching from QuickBooks to Payroll Systems, “I used QuickBooks before, but once we got over 25 employees, we moved to Payroll Systems.”

Although Teresa had some hesitation about switching, her CFO assured her she would appreciate the change. After running Payroll reports with the Payroll Systems program, Teresa was happy the switch was made. “Reports would take forever…the transition from QuickBooks to Payroll Systems was seamless. It went great…extremely easy.”

Teresa raves about the executive team and owners of Vantari. “They really laid the ground work of the company prior to bringing on employees.” When Teresa came on board in 2013, she was prepared – and set up for success – by the time employees started flooding in four months later. Now in 2017, Vantari Genetics has over 131 employees nationwide. The number of employees is sure to grow with the steady addition of new tests. Teresa is more than ready for new employees with the solid foundation the executive team built as well as a payroll and HRIS platform designed for growth.

But – most importantly – she’s ready because this means there are more people fighting to help beat cancer.

To learn more about Vantari Genetics, please visit their website:

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