September 30th marks the deadline to file the Equal Employer Information Report (EEO-1). A notification letter will be sent out by August 15th.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help guide you through this year’s filing.

Who must file?

  • A company with 100 or more employees.
  • Government contractors with 50 employees AND a contract worth $50,000 or more.

My company meets the criteria but I didn’t receive a notification?

Contact EEO-1 Joint Report Committee at 866.392.4647 or

I forgot my company number and password

It’s okay. The notification letter will have your company number. Go to

Enter the company number along with the email of your company’s designated EEO-1 contact or certifying official from the previous year’s EEO-1 reporting.

My company has a new Designated EEO-1 contact

Send a letter on company letterhead indicating the new person of contact. The letter must be dated, signed by an approving official and emailed to the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee at  or faxed to 1.877.392.4647.

This will be my company’s first year filing

Go to and click on “First Time Filers” under the Login button.

What’s the best way to gather all the necessary data?

If you are a Payroll Systems Payroll client, you can simply generate a report that not only gives you the necessary information for the survey, but also conveniently looks like the survey.

From there, you can easily fill out the survey online.

What’s the purpose of EEO-1?

To help analyze employment patterns based on race/ethnicity, gender and job categories.

This information collected helps support civil rights enforcement and the representation of women, minorities within companies, industries, and regions.

Is this report confidential?

The information collected will be used for general statistical data. Company specific information will not be shared.

How do I file?

Online at

What time period do companies use for the data?

Employment data from one pay period in July, August, or September of the current survey year.

Which employees do I include?

All employees: part-time, full-time, and remote.

How do I file for remote workers?

Include them with the establishment they report to. Do not use employee addresses.

What is a single-establishment?

A company that does business at one physical address.

What report do I file for single-establishments?

Submit only one EEO-1 data report: Type 1 EEO-1 Report.

What is a multi-establishment?

A company that does business at two or more locations.

What reports do I file for multi-establishments?

All of the following must be filed if applicable:

Type 2 Consolidated Report: This report must include all employees within the company

Type 3 Headquarter Report: This Report is for all employees who work and report to the main office. Employee count does not matter for this report.

Type 4 Establishment Report – This report must be submitted for each physical establishment with 50 or more employees

Type 8 or Type 6 Establishment Report- either one of these reports must be submitted for each establishment with less than 50 employees.

If you choose Type 8, the information you enter will automatically populate the Type 2 consolidation report.

If you choose Type 6, you will have to manually enter those individuals in the Type 2 report.

I filed Type 8 last year and want to switch to Type 6 this year (or vice versa) how can I do that?

To change which report you would like to file, email the request to and include your company name and number.

Do I include international establishments?


Is applicant data included?

Only employment data.

An employee declines to self-identify their ethnicity. How do I identify their ethnicity on the report?

Employment records or observer identification may be used.

I have more questions

Contact EEO-1 Joint Report Committee at 877.392.4647.