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Email Security: Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Use Email Encryption

It is a new day and age for businesses – meetings are replaced by emails and your colleagues opt for quick messages rather than in-person communications. Although email and online communication may have its advantages, it is also a very vulnerable medium to use for communication. There are risks to exchanging company or personal information on the web as hackers are becoming ever-more-clever, and one wrong-click can expose that information to the wrong people. Once unauthorized access is gained, your entire email account could be compromised.

A solution to this: Email Encryption. First let’s discuss what email encryption is and then we can list out the benefits.

What is Email Encryption?

The act of disguising the content of email messages to protect sensitive information from being read by anyone other than who it was intended for. Often, email encryption involves authentication. HR departments, medical practices, and business owners should be concerned about whether the information being sent out via email is protected. Here’s why:

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Email Encryption

1. To protect confidential information

Sometimes the use of emails in sending sensitive information is inevitable. You might have employees or clients in different states or cities that need information quick that they have no other way of accessing. This information could either directly affect your business or the individuals involved (employee or client information).

2. To stay in compliance

In general, encryption is a security best practice in all industries. CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) Security Policy has mandated that sensitive data leaving any secure location be encrypted. HIPAA also requires organizations to implement email encryption to keep patient health information private. As a business owner or HR manager, it is imperative to protect the information of clients, employees, patients, etc. You can run the risk of being sued or your business being shut down without the use of email encryption.

3. To avoid additional security breaches

A compromised email opens the door to many scenarios. Hackers could falsely act as you to receive confidential information and/or passwords to business accounts from your colleagues. Any discovered data existing in your email account’s inbox could be used to gain further access. By encrypting your emails, you are protecting such sensitive information from being found and creating additional breaches.

4. To be authentic

Phishing is the fraudulent act of individuals or entities posing as someone they are not to trick people for personal information. Sometimes a phishing email is hard to recognize, and it may look like it is coming from someone you know. Encrypted emails can help with verifying the sender is actually who they say they are.

How can I encrypt my emails?

With the growing demand for security, no business big or small wants to be the victim of a data breach. We advise that you ask your IT administrator about the options that would be available to you regarding email encryption and secure file delivery.

If you are a client of Payroll Systems, rest assured that we use FileGuardian, a secure file delivery system and form of encryption, when sending sensitive information. Each of our clients is given complimentary login information to access data that would not be safe to send via email – giving them that extra layer of protection when exchanging private information with us.

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