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When Master Jordan Schreiber was 9 years old, his father made a deal with him; If Jordan took a martial arts class, so would he. This was the beginning of a very fruitful relationship between a boy and a new hobby…so fruitful, it became a lifestyle. Four years later, when Master Schreiber had already earned his black belt, his dad followed through with his promise.

Master Schreiber opened ATA Martial Arts Leadership Academy in 2003. Located in Martinez, CA, it has been repeatedly voted Best Martial Arts in the Bay Area by readers of the Bay Area Parents Magazine and SF Chronicle. The martial arts school welcomes both children and adults; there are currently 285 students enrolled ranging from ages 3 to 73. The programs offered are primarily Taekwondo, but ATA also integrates other martial arts styles such as Boxing and Jiu Jitsu into their lesson plans. We asked Master Schreiber what his favorite thing about teaching martial arts was.

His reply, “Seeing shy or unfocused young kids develop into confident leaders with great self-control.”


Master Schreiber started teaching when he was only a teenager, and he continued the momentum of teaching throughout college, graduate school, and law school. When he opened ATA, he was doing everything on his own…and by everything, that included developing lesson plans, instructing, and all operational tasks (while also working as a full-time public defender).

A typical day for Master Schreiber consists of curriculum, paperwork, task management, emails and teaching in the afternoons and evenings. When the school first opened, he had no staff. Now, he employs 7 instructors (all of whom are also long-time students) and a program director.

ATA has been a client of Payroll Systems since 2013. They currently use our Payroll services and 401k services. Master Schreiber reflected back to when he started using Payroll Systems’ services,

“As a lawyer, I tend to think I can do everything myself. So it was a psychological hurdle to decide to outsource this part of my business. But it made my life a whole lot easier and I’m happy I made the jump.”

Part of Payroll Systems’ mission is to take the operational burden off business owners, so they can focus on the bigger picture and grow their business. We are happy to be serving customers just like ATA and making this mission a reality.

To learn more about how you can enroll in your first class, you can visit their website here. New members are always offered a free private lesson and assessment.

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