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Inspired by an intense passion for the restaurant industry and a serendipitous love, Delfina Restaurant was formed by husband and wife, Craig and Annie Stoll, in 1998. “During the second date with my [now] husband, we fantasized about opening a restaurant together,” stated Annie, thus Delfina Restaurant came to life.

Annie has been working in the restaurant business since high school – she also studied restaurant management in college. Originally from Philadelphia, Annie moved to San Francisco in the 1990 to continue following her passion in the nation’s most vibrant restaurant scene. She met her husband a few years after making the big move to the Bay Area, and he happened to be a back of the house chef. With the expertise and knowledge both parties bring to the table, you can already tell that this was a recipe for success.


Delfina Restaurant Group is composed of 6 going on 7 full-service Italian restaurants and pizzerias in the San Francisco, Bay Area. The menu ranges from antipasti, pasta, pizza, seafood and steak, beer, wine, and more. Each item is farmer’s market driven with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the pizza can be described as Naples Italy meets New York. Delicious!

But what makes Delfina really stand out from other competing restaurants – why should folks try it? The restaurant group prides itself in being hospitality-centric. Their service is always guest focused – everything matters whether it’s the right amount of ice in the cocktails they serve to the way their staff answers the phone. It is always about the guest!

Currently, Delfina operates with 300 employees, but managing that many employees can get complicated. It’s imperative that all managers understand all HR rules and how to handle different situations in order to remain compliant.

Delfina has been a client of Payroll Systems since 2014 and uses our HRIS and Payroll services. When asked, “What do you enjoy most about working with Payroll Systems?” Annie replied without hesitation, “One of the main reasons why we love working with Payroll Systems is because of their customer service. They get back to what we need really quickly. The honesty and integrity of those we work with is impressive, and it always feels like they are on our side.”

To learn more about Delfina Restaurants, find a location, or see what’s on the menu, you can visit their website here.

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