Epic Flat Glass

Epic Flat Glass is based in Texas, near Dallas.  The company does installation of commercial glass throughout the United States. The business is run and operated by husband and wife, Chris, and Kelly Eder. Chris has an extensive background in window attachments for security in which he led projects for a wide variety of clients including commercial buildings, museums, and even the White House.

Originally, they started the business to focus on security installation- Epic Solar Control – after noticing that the security film at their kids’ school had been improperly installed. Eventually, with Chris’ background, they were then approached to perform commercial window installation which led them to start Epic Flat Glass. “We have just been very busy ever since,” Said Kelly.

They have installed windows for buildings with thirteen stories and even installed the windows for a google campus in Alabama and despite the pandemic that hit in early 2020, they have been fortunate to keep growing through it all.

They are a company of 15 employees and always make it a priority to keep everyone working. One way they do that is by making sure that they offer services nationwide, so they do not miss an opportunity. Kelly explains that their goal going forward is to continue to build their company nationwide and establish teams and project managers in place for each state.

“We put a lot of focus on the employees we hire. We are good to them, but they are good to us too and it works both ways. We have personal relationships with all of our employees, we have become pretty close and it’s amazing.” shared Kelly. 

Currently, Epic Flat Glass uses Payroll Systems’ payroll and time-keeping services. They have been a client since 2020. “There is just so much to keep up with and with our employees being in other states with varying taxes, having this service makes it all so simple. I really like it and I can keep track of everything it has made our life very easy in that aspect, especially not having a business background and it has made it very easy and time-efficient.”

To learn more about Epic Flat Glass visit them here.

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