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Event Finders offers concierge support and accompanying software to help companies of all sizes manage season tickets and entertainment budgets to achieve maximum results through their entertainment marketing efforts. They are based out of Dallas, Texas but service nation-wide.

CEO Morgan Denton founded the company in 2019 after many years of experience in the live entertainment industry selling premium tickets and suites. Over time she found that there was a huge disconnect between what companies were being sold and being able to execute results in using those tickets/suites for business development. That’s when she decided to step in and founded Event Finders.

They now offer a software platform that lets people manage their tickets in various ways including pulling up reports that shows them who is using their tickets, how they are being used, and what is/isn’t working. Additionally, they offer consulting and marketing services to assist their customers in using their tickets/suites to the best of their advantage.

“We look at things like how many tickets/suites do you have? Who are you taking? How are you communicating with your potential customers? We wrap all of that up so that small to medium businesses can utilize the benefit of season tickets and live entertainment for their business while being backed by people with the correct expertise to host a successful event.” Explained Denton.

Like many in the entertainment industry, Event Finders felt the effects of the COVID lockdowns and had to immediately shift with the times. During the pandemic, they have had to switch gears over to more of an educational stance, in which they act as a guide for their customers walking them through the process of how to handle their contracts with venues during canceled events and keep them in the loop with varying regulations from city to city.

Event Finders Texas

A year later, and with more and more venues opening up again, they took the downtime they had in 2020 to improve and amplify their software platform for an even better overall experience going forward.

“We are changing with the environment as everything in our industry has changed.,” says Denton, “I’m really excited about the new features in our software that our clients will see great value in and that’s a big win.”

With a small but mighty staff, they are ready to start expanding and bring on more members to the team as the entertainment industry starts to pick up again.

Event Finders uses Payroll Systems payroll services to ensure their team gets paid correctly and on time, every time.

“It’s super easy and convenient. I am truly a creative thinker so the fear of taking on payroll and missing a pay period is terrifying! So it has been so great and relieving to have it handled seamlessly by a group of people that are always helpful and so easy to work with.” She said.
To learn more about Event Finders and the services they offer, visit them here.

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