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Founded in 2003, Next Level Strategies (“NLS”) is a boutique firm that provides human resources, recruiting services and consulting services by the project or as an outsourced function to small and mid-sized businesses who need HR and hiring assistance. We had the pleasure of sitting down with its founder, Julie Chendes, to talk more about what it is like to be a business owner and what plans Next Level Strategies has for the upcoming years.

Before beginning Next Level Strategies, Julie was working as an HR manager in the High-Tech industry, when she decided she wanted to be in control of her own finances and destiny. It is incredibly empowering to hear about the start of a new business and what runs through the mind of an entrepreneur.

So what was the inspiration behind launching NLS?

“I love being a resource for business owners. I love when they tell me how much easier something was than what they thought it would be…with our help,” Julie stated. A lot of small business owners dread a termination or don’t have the bandwidth to manage the Human Resources department in addition to what is already on their plates. This is where Next Level Strategies comes in. “We act like a division of your company, and we can help you run your business,” she continued.

Among the many services NLS provides, HR Consulting and Recruiting are two of their main focuses. If you need on site or off site strategic support, termination support, or performance management, NLS consultants are there to assist. The company’s recruiting packages consists of services such as online job board management, phone interview question development, conducting reference checks and pre-screens, and new hire orientations/on-boarding to name a few.

For a full list of products and services, visit their website here.

But what makes NLS stand out from larger competitors?

NLS offers personalized service, a lot of “hand-holding” and a fee structure to fit almost any budget. Bigger HR firms require clients to agree to an annual relationship and at a higher fee rate than NLS. Many only offer off-site support. The one on one, personalized onsite service is hard to beat and is something NLS does very well. Everything created by NLS for its clients is customized with their logo and is built as efficiently and repeatably as possible – knowing that entrepreneurs have little time or resources to devote to HR-related paperwork!

They also have consultants in Texas and NYC, but as far as extending business into other states, they will focus their attention on expanding their business locally and adding a possible recruiting division sometime in the future!

Next Level Strategies has been a client of Payroll Systems since 2017. “We are familiar with a number of payroll companies, but we’ve chosen Payroll Systems to administer our Payroll. We love them, we have a great referral relationship, and a great relationship all the way around,” Julie declared.

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    Unify your workforce with our integrated HRIS, Time labor management, Benefits, and Payroll Software.

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    You’ll receive a direct phone number and email to your assigned client manager. Receive timely assistance, unlimited training, and compliance support.

  • Tenured Staff

    Our client managers average six years with payroll systems. Meaning, you can expect personalized service, knowledgeable guidance, and a friend.

  • Convenience

    Our software saves you time with anywhere, anytime access on a secure, dependable network.

  • Price Transparency

    The price you are quoted is the price you will get. No gimmicks. No surprises. Just simple Guaranteed Pricing.

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