Graham Swanson | Co-Founder & Arizona Designated Real Estate Broker

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“Payroll Systems made it a smooth process to not have to worry about one more thing. As far as compliance, it has been great to feel as if you are taken care of.”

Besides the University of Arizona and the Wildcat’s impressive 25-year streak of making it to the NCAA Division I basketball tournament, AKA March Madness, the laid-back city of Tucson, Arizona has successfully stayed under the radar from the masses.

With many U.S. cities seeing above average population growth (Portland, Salt Lake City, and Austin to name a few) the artsy and scenic Tucson has managed to maintain its college town reputation despite its growing economy. An economist from the Eller College of Management (University of Arizona’s business school) projects the job growth within Tucson could soon be more than the national average based on the region’s housing development and demand. Consequently, Tucson’s demand for property management may grow at a faster rate than the national average.

Thus, we have the brilliance behind Son Property Management. In a growing economy, the founders, Graham Swanson and Ryan Johnson, started a business designed for new and growing businesses. Graham Swanson discussed his history in property management as well as gave some insight on what it’s been like establishing the business foundation for Son. (The company name came from the commonality of each co-founders last names and not something passed down from parents.)

Graham seamlessly transitioned from managing multi-family properties to commercial real estate after converting an apartment community into condominiums for sale back in 2000. What he describes as a dragged-out process due to the hurdles brought on by HOAs and state regulations, he was able to complete the conversion project within an impressive two years’ time.

“The sales process was much quicker: eight months and 45 million in revenue.”

From there he continued his path of managing and acquiring self storage, office, retail buildings, and multi-family properties.

Regardless of what type of management portfolios clients bring to Son, clients have the option to be as involved or uninvolved as they like. “We will act like the client for our clients,” Graham explains.

“We act as the liaison for them and do the executing so they don’t have to.”

Their business officially opened in 2015 with three employees (they now have eight). An average day for Graham consists of overseeing accounting, verifying operation budgets, scheduling of techs, and making calls to those clients who prefer to be more involved with the management process.

“We’re on the small side; we’re still a startup on the trajectory of growing.” Graham has 20 years experience managing over 10,000 apartment units, and 75 self storage facilities throughout the Country, so it’s no surprise the beginning stages of his startup have been set up to scale and grow nationally. Graham has also been involved in over $1 billion in acquisitions and disposition of real estate assets.

Part of those beginning steps required finding a payroll administrator who could grow and scale with them.

After speaking with several payroll providers, Graham felt as if many of them weren’t designed for what he needed. Either the providers had a platform built for a small company or a service team trained and focused on larger clients.

After a not so easy search, Phil Lamb from InfinityHR referred Graham to Payroll Systems.

“We look at a broad scale [to make decisions], build a solid foundation and are looking for a bigger run. We want a relationship built on longevity for the company.”

Graham found that foundation in Payroll Systems. With a Total Workforce Management suite that’s scalable as businesses grow, Graham felt we were a good fit for his current and future business needs.

“Payroll Systems made it a smooth process to not have to worry about one more thing. As far as compliance, it has been great to feel as if you are taken care of.”

Because Payroll Systems doesn’t utilize call centers, Graham is on a first name basis with his payroll manager, Kimberly, and can get in contact with her through her direct line and email.

“Kimberly has been really great and responsive. Super fast on things. Just how you guys set it up; documents are smooth and expedited—easy to add employees and change things.”

For a growing business in the midst of a growing economy, it is exciting to work with Son Property Management and take on the trajectory with them.

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