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How Biometric Time Clocks Are Beneficial For Your Business

Biometric time clocks, in conjunction with timekeeping software, have long replaced the traditional punch in systems of the past. But how beneficial are they? Especially in light of the pandemic, business owners have been turning to various contactless ways for employees to track their daily time records.

What exactly are Biometrics?

Biometrics refers to distinctive and unique body measurements that are used to identify people. Often, they are more reliable than traditional methods of authentication such as:

  • Designated ID numbers
  • Passwords
  • Magnetic-strip cards

Although these methods have been the standard through the years, they can easily be faked. Leading to inaccurate timekeeping and various operational issues, even employee fraud such as “buddy punching”.

Common biometric trackers include:

  • Fingerprint
  • Facial recognition
  • Retina scans

How do biometric time clocks work?

Biometric time clocks use one of the above-mentioned biometric trackers to let an employee punch in & out for timekeeping. The two most common are through scanning an employee’s face or fingerprint to verify their identity when clocking in. The facial scan features have risen in popularity for providing a fast, accurate, and contactless clock-in experience. In addition to providing a sanitary & contactless solution, biometric time clocks can also offer:

  • A time-saving process by immediately identifying individuals biometric time clock
  • Notifying administrators if identity cannot be verified
  • Reducing labor costs by eliminating buddy punching
  • Preventing payroll mistakes
  • Enhancing security

Additionally, some biometric time clocks offer features that take an employee’s temperature at check-in. The temperature can be a factor in allowing them to clock in for a shift or not. Further elevating an organization’s COVID-safety protocols.

In conclusion, biometric timekeeping measures unique factors that can’t be duplicated. This offers a more efficient, time & cost-saving option for timekeeping.

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