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How Does an Applicant Tracking System Help You Tackle the Recruitment Challenge?


The challenge of finding quality talent is getting increasingly daunting.  The latest Annual Global CEO Survey by PwC reveals that more than 70 percent of CEOs view the “availability of key talent” as one of the three biggest threats to their organization.


However, modern technology does have a number of solutions to help you tackle it. One of them is the applicant tracking system (ATS)—a software application that streamlines the recruitment process through the electronic handling of an organization’s recruitment and hiring needs, from receiving resumes to hiring and onboarding employees.

Here are six ways ATS can improve your process:

It saves you time (and eventually money).

It streamlines your recruitment workflow so you can hire faster and not miss out on the right applicants. Not only that, the time that’s saved allows the recruitment team to focus on other areas of their job as well as train on new technology and techniques, and work on fine-tuning the existing process. All the time saved eventually translates into cost savings.

It helps you boost your employer brand.

Such features as a fully branded career page/portal gives you a venue to promote your company culture and attract the right people in terms of skills, goals and potential, temperament, etc.

It allows you to reach more outstanding candidates through job boards and social media.

Instead of individually posting on job boards, the recruitment team can use ATS software to post jobs simultaneously on multiple boards, as well as on social media.  ATS can also identify the best candidate sources so you don’t waste time on job boards that are not working for you.

With social media now being widely used for recruitment and brand visibility, your hiring team can engage with professionals to get a good sense of how they will fit in and contribute to your organization as well as communicate the benefits they get from working with you.

It makes it easier to pick out the top candidates’ resumes

Automation gets rid of the need to read piles of resumes just to find a handful of promising applicants. ATS will do the job for you: import resumes from job boards, social media, and email and then search them for specific keywords or skills.

It facilitates collaboration among those involved in the hiring process.

This allows for different points of view to be considered. HR teams and department managers (and in some cases even entire teams) can easily communicate to decide on the best candidate to hire.

It helps you optimize your current employees’ capacity to advertise new jobs and promote your organization.

ATS provides email templates to send updates about open positions to specific or all employees, who can then forward direct links to prospects in their network or share the news through social media.

It helps you offer an improved candidate experience.

The efficiency of your overall hiring process saves the candidates time and allows them to move on with their other options if they are not hired. It can also facilitate decision making for candidates with other offers.

You deserve a recruitment process that’s highly efficient and agile. Payroll Systems’ ATS is the tool you need to empower your company with top-notch talent.

Contact us to learn more about our HR and payroll solutions to complement ATS— from timekeeping systems with companion mobile app, physical clocks, and customized job costing and labor distribution reporting.

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