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How Does Workforce Management Help Your Business Thrive?

Workforce management (sometimes referred to as HRM systems, or workforce asset management) is an integrated set of processes employed by organizations to maximize performance levels like productivity and competency. In industries that rely heavily on personnel, corporate management has incorporated workforce management as a vital strategic element.


These processes are as follows:


This involves determining the number and type of staff required for any given project at any time of the year-Including increased seasonal or holiday demand.


Determining the amount a company can afford to spend on staff needed for a project is a crucial piece of the long-term strategy. With a workforce management system in place, companies can use calculated forecasts to ensure efficient staff deployment and a balanced workload to keep up with constantly changing labor demands.

Staff scheduling

Going from manual scheduling to automation streamlines the workforce management system and helps eliminate some of the human error that comes with it. It saves HR staff a lot of time by automating staffing based on vacations, staff availability, workload volume, absences etc.

Attendance and time tracking

Having an accurate picture of attendance patterns enables HR and organization leaders to better forecast changes in demand and to effectively manage schedules.

Employee performance management

Understanding how your employees are preforming can help you adequately gauge who is more efficient and how to improve the overall workplace’s productivity. These findings can then be used as basis for proper compensation.

Compliance tracking

Regulations are a part of every industry and if not overseen properly, can ultimately be costly. It also applies to the management of required certifications, training, labor standards, leave agreements, and union standards.

Payroll and benefits administration

Having audit-ready custom reports, gives payroll staff a much easier time processing payroll and administrating benefits.

Vacation and leave planning

Companies can track staffing levels and digitally process time-off requests/approvals. This includes leave balances, absences, schedule conflicts, and banked hours.

Field service management

Companies whose resources are located elsewhere include field service management as part of their workforce management processes to get an oversight of their off-site resources.

It involves:

  • Demand management – Helps forecast work orders for planning the corresponding number and expertise of staff.
  • Workforce scheduler – Automatic optimization, using predefined rules, for the schedule and use of resources (e.g., workers, materials, vehicles).
  • Workforce dispatcher – Automatic assigning of work orders within predefined zones to the corresponding technicians.
  • Mobile solutions – Intended for real-time communication among dispatchers and technicians.

Ultimately, investing in Workforce Management Processes can provide long-term benefits across various departments of your workforce.

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