Open Enrollment Isn’t Over Until You Complete These 4 Steps

You made it through Open Enrollment, Congratulations! Completing the benefits Enrollment Process for your organization is no easy task, but the process isn’t quite over yet. What happens after Open Enrollment? What comes next? This quick checklist will provide insight on a post-open enrollment strategy that you can follow for years to come.

1. Address New Payroll Deductions
Once you’ve received the last enrollment, you will need to collect all the employee data and process payroll deductions based on current elections. Payroll deductions should also be reconciled with the carrier invoices.
If you have an HRIS system in place and are utilizing the benefits module, this will be an automated process.

2. Survey Your Employees
Creating a post-enrollment survey shortly after the enrollment process closes is a great way for you to get feedback from the people participating! Ask employees how they felt about the process. What challenges did they face? Was it constructive? Haw can it be improved? This will help create a better experience overall during the next open enrollment.

3. Communication!
Follow up with your employees to ensure they’ve received a clearly written document to keep for their own records. You can create an automated message with your enrollment platform informing them of their elected benefits.

You can do a monthly or quarterly communication to update staff about the upcoming year’s coverage. By communicating the value of insurance benefits on a regular basis, you can boost morale and the overall well-being of your employees. It’s also good practice to remind employees of the benefits they’ve selected.

The Payroll Systems HRIS platform offers an Employee Portal as well as a Workflow Management module. Use these modules to offer a steady flow of communication and keep all stakeholders on task.

4. Prepare for the Next Benefits Enrollment Period
Take what you learned from last year’s Benefits Enrollment experience, along with the employee surveys and apply it to a better enrollment period this/next year.

Payroll Systems makes the open and post-open enrollment process easy. To learn more about the benefits module, employee portal and workflow management module our HRIS would provide– contact us today by filling out the form below.

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