Offset the cost of healthcare with HRAs

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), IRS Section 105 plans, are an employer only funded plan, allowing employees to pay for eligible plan expenses tax-free. 100% of the reimbursements are tax-deductible for your organization and provide valued benefits to your employees.

You can offset the ever-increasing cost of healthcare by adding an HRA to your consumer driven healthcare strategy with two optional plan types:

  1. An ACA Excepted Benefit HRA, providing reimbursement for limited pre-determined eligible expenses, such as dental and vision expenses only. Stand-alone HRAs do not need to be associated with any health insurance plan.
  2. An Integrated HRA plan paired with qualified healthcare insurance, usually a high-deductible health plan.

Enjoy the ease of offering customized stand-alone or integrated HRA plans in support of your benefits offering strategy. With dedicated service, easy online enrollment and claims processing, your benefit plans are managed seamlessly.

HRA Service Features

  • Multiple plan set-up options, including short plan years, employer contributions schedules, claims payment priority integration with other benefits offerings, i.e. HSA or FSA
  • Multiple reimbursement structures such as
    1. First dollar access to HRA funds
    2. Deductible first then access to the HRA, or
    3. Combination of 1 and 2
  • Integration with Payroll Systems payroll processing services for simplified administration
  • Secure online access for plan management and reporting
  • Employee communications, coordination, and support
  • Partnership with your benefits broker to ensure employees have everything they need at open enrollment
  • Employer legislative updates and direction from Employee Benefits ERISA Counsel
  • 360 Customer Satisfaction delivered through Full-Service Support—online, email and phone

Your employees experience the ease of utilizing their benefits supported by dedicated customer service.

  • Single benefit debit card that stacks with other benefits (FSA, HSA, Commuter)—at no charge
  • Secure online portal for enrollment, address changes, account balances, claims processing and status
  • Mobile app accessibility
  • Monthly account balance reports
  • Daily claims processing and auto-substantiation
  • Full-Service Support—online, email and phone

See our Help Center for more information about HRAs.

Single access for all your plans...

Combine with Payroll Systems HRIS for a single point of entry for all FSA, HRA, and HSA enrollments, address changes, payroll deductions, employer contributions, and terminations.

What’s New & Good to Know

Do you have employees in San Francisco?

See our Local Compliance Solutions and learn how to stay compliant and manage the costs complying with HCSO.

What is the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO)?

The HCSO, requires covered employers to make quarterly health care expenditures for their covered employees and includes employer reporting and notice requirements. The HCSO is enforced by the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards.