Benefiting both you and your employees

A Premium Only Plan, or POP, reduces the income amount used to determine payroll taxes by allowing employees to pay their group health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. These pre-tax deductions reduce Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment payroll taxes, and in some states reduce workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

POP Services Features

  • Customized plan documentation
  • Plan administration, compliance, and amendments
  • Required forms for employee enrollment and waiver
  • Employer legislative updates with direction from Employee Benefits ERISA Counsel
  • 360 customer satisfaction delivered through Full-Service Support—on-line, email or phone

Single access for all your plans...

Combine with Payroll Systems HRIS for a single point of entry for all FSA, HRA, and HSA enrollments, address changes, payroll deductions, employer contributions, and terminations.

What’s New & Good to Know

IRS Code 125

In order to receive pre-tax benefits under IRS Code 125, a written Plan Document with the required ERISA documentation must be in place and officially adopted by the employer. The plan document describes the terms and conditions related to the administration of the plan, such as who is eligible to participate, named fiduciaries, procedure for benefit appeals, plan amendments, termination rights, and governance of plan assets, etc.