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We understand having employees in the San Francisco Bay Area creates additional layers of compliance and costs. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and spend hours researching, monitoring, and implementing. We can design and implement solutions that really work for you and your workforce.

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San Francisco HCSO Compliance Services

We track, calculate and report—so you don’t have to

The San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance, HCSO, requires tracking of employee status, eligibility, hours worked, designated wage thresholds, new hires, terminations, and expenditure required per employee. In conjunction with payroll services, we calculate and provide these detailed quarterly reports for your review and compliance record keeping, saving you hours of time compiling and examining your workforce data.

How to comply with the HCSO

Since 2009 we’ve been helping San Francisco employers save money and comply with the HCSO.

Never Overpay in Premiums & Save money with a Spend Smart SF Plan

Spend Smart SF is an ACA compliant benefit plan customized to comply with the HCSO that saves you money with flexible premiums based upon employee hours worked. Your employees have access to a network of providers and medical benefits that include preventative care, specified prescription drugs, and diagnostics.

Spend Smart SF Service Features

  • Robust, accessible network of providers for your employees
  • Satisfies the ACA requirement of Minimum Essential Coverage and the individual mandate
  • Compliant with the HCSO

Stay in compliance with the Bay Area commuter mandates

It’s not just compliance! With commuter plans, you save money on payroll (FICA) taxes, employees receive a valued benefit and everyone participates in improving air quality and reducing traffic in the SF Bay Area.

If you have 20 or more employees in San Francisco or 50 or more in the applicable surrounding Bay Area, you must comply with the respective Commuter Benefits Programs.

SF Bay Area Commuter Service Features

  • Customized commuter plans and administration that are compliant with the current Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program and the San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance
  • Employees use pre-tax dollars towards their commuting expenses
  • Convenient spending with commuter debit card
  • Online portal and mobile app accessibility

For more details see Commuter Plans

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What’s New & Good to Know

What is the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO)?

The HCSO, requires covered employers to make quarterly health care expenditures for their covered employees and includes employer reporting and notice requirements. The HCSO is enforced by the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards.

HCSO Tips…

Covered Employers
Covered Employees

Did you know…

As of 2014 Bay Area employers with 50 or more full-time employees are required to offer commuter benefits to their employees?

If you have 20 or more employees nationwide you are required to offer commuter benefits to your San Francisco employees?

If you have employees that work in San Francisco, even if your offices are based out of state, you might have to comply with the HCSO?