Know “who’s on first” with scheduling

Efficient and dynamic scheduling is a key component in controlling labor costs, employee communications, and customer satisfaction.

With our time & attendance solutions, you manage costs and complex time keeping with up-to-date information and service that empowers your workforce with convenient and easy to use features.

Administrators set-up the rules for workforce compliance

  • Implement schedule rules that comply with wage and hour laws
  • Require manager or administrator approvals for exceptions
  • Configure automatic notifications for specific scheduling events
  • Set-up template schedules with defined start, end and break times

For Supervisors, scheduling is an ongoing process

  • Display a daily roster with scheduled positions and employee assignments
  • Respond quickly to highlighted schedule openings, conflicts and surpluses
  • Automate schedule generation according to location, tasks, certifications, or other qualifications
  • Identify and contact employees who are available and qualified to fill open schedules
  • Eliminate repetitive scheduling tasks with the ability to copy and forward schedules for future weeks
  • Monitor and approve shift swaps, schedule give-aways and pickups
  • Automate absence scheduling with system messages to qualified and available employees to cover a shift

Employees easily manage their time and schedules

  • Give away schedules to other qualified employees
  • Pick up shifts if a qualified employee
  • Swap shifts easily, if enabled
  • View schedule for current and future weeks

Complexity managed easily

Supervisors need more than clock in/clock out information to manage successfully. Controlling overtime costs, planning ahead for schedule openings, reviewing time cards, approving expenses, and monitoring compliance are essential functions and managed easily from the Manager Dashboard, updated constantly with real-time data.

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