Quickly understand labor metrics

No more combining spreadsheets to see your information how you need it. With our time & attendance solutions reporting, you can access information in multiple formats and layouts so you can view your data how it works for you. Time & Attendance reporting can be a simple push button process with a template report or take advantage of the customization, filter, and sort options.

Dynamic and fast reporting are essential to efficient management functions.

For Administrators

  • Pre-configure reports to be used by supervisors
  • Keep sensitive data secure with admin control features for access and information type
  • Distribute reports to users via “publishing” or by emailing to designated supervisors
  • Create and customize reports containing employee and systems information

For Supervisors

  • Choose from over 150 report templates that can be customized, saved, and published
  • Report only on the data you need using filtering and sorting functions
  • Stay on budget with detailed labor cost reporting
  • View and save the data how you need it with PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, or CSV outputs
  • Save paper and time with printing preview

Dynamic Reporting

Time and Attendance systems contain a diverse set of data that is only as powerful as its ability to be consolidated into meaningful reports, dashboards, and timesheets. Our time & attendance solutions harness this extensive data and transcribes it into useful reports and formats, so you can make informed real-time decisions regarding your workforce.

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What’s New & Good to Know

What is ACA?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)—also known by its unofficial name, ObamaCare—is the US health reform legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in March of 2010. The law contains hundreds of provisions that address different aspects of healthcare, and for employers impacts payroll reporting, benefits management, human resources, requiring mandatory IRS reporting and continuous monitoring of informational updates.