Managing employee leave—without paper & emails

How efficiently you manage the daily tasks of time off management can impact how much time your managers and employees spend reviewing, calculating, approving and communicating time off requests.

With our time & attendance solutions, leave accruals, tracking and time off requests are automated processes with up-to-date information available to employee and their supervisors anytime.


  • Set up automated leave calculations that can be assigned to individual employees or employee groups
  • Track leave events with unlimited number of accrual codes
  • Automate leave calculations with configurable rules based on bargaining units, grants, pay period accruals, minimum work requirements and level or length of service
  • Configure approval hierarchies per leave type
  • Review and report on company wide time off trends


  • Stay current with real-time routing of employee requests to appropriate supervisor for approval
  • Oversee staff requests with interactive manager dashboard of pending requests and action workflows
  • View real-time accrual balances


  • Utilize time off features through timeclocks (some models), employee user portal, and mobile apps
  • Review current time off balances and accrual transactions
  • Request time off with automatic routing to approval supervisor
  • Receive and review time off requests status via secure email, text and system messages

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Processes made simple...

Simplify your time off management and accruals with user-friendly functionality combined with real-time company level oversight.

What’s New & Good to Know

What is ACA?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)—also known by its unofficial name, ObamaCare—is the US health reform legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in March of 2010. The law contains hundreds of provisions that address different aspects of healthcare, and for employers impacts payroll reporting, benefits management, human resources, requiring mandatory IRS reporting and continuous monitoring of informational updates.