Timesheets… in real-time

It takes more than electronic timesheets to serve the needs of payroll, employees and supervisors. With our time & attendance solutions, your employees and supervisors have access to real time punches and interactive portals for messages, corrections, and approvals without additional emails or editing data files. Your payroll department can easily track payroll information, receive supervisor approved time-clock files and in a few steps generate a pre-formatted time clock import file for payroll processing.

Electronic, interactive timesheets are an essential part of streamlined management functions.

For Supervisors

  • Quickly view, edit and approve employee timesheets for payroll
  • Easily identify and correct attendance and punch exceptions via timesheets or supervisor dashboard
  • Use audit logs to track edits and adjustments
  • Document exceptions and adjustments with trackable reason codes and notes, preventing disputes over data changes
  • Adjust prior pay periods for retro-pay adjustments
  • View receipts and approve expense reimbursements

For Employees

  • Easily review timecard for punches, overtime, and paid time off
  • Request supervisor corrections and reallocations of project punches
  • Monitor hours per job or project
  • Review and submit timecard online and with supervisor approval notifications
  • Enter and submit reimbursable expenses for payroll processing
  • Add notes for supervisor and historical tracking
  • View historical timesheets

User friendly and secure timesheets

Approving employee timesheets does not need to be a time consuming task of evaluating data, making corrections, and submitting timesheets for payroll. Our time & attendance solutions simplify this process with streamlined workflows including punch error notifications, tracked employee/supervisor communication and exceptions, and a final timesheet approval for payroll.

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What is ACA?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)—also known by its unofficial name, ObamaCare—is the US health reform legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in March of 2010. The law contains hundreds of provisions that address different aspects of healthcare, and for employers impacts payroll reporting, benefits management, human resources, requiring mandatory IRS reporting and continuous monitoring of informational updates.