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Paycor To Take Over Payroll and HR Services for Fidelity Customers: What Now?

Fidelity has officially announced that they will no longer be offering payroll/HR services as part of their workplace investing platform.

They currently serve 2,000 employers nationwide with these services and will be referring them over to Paycor going forward as they phase out all Payroll & HR services from their platforms. The transition of moving employers over to Paycor’s Payroll & HR Services platform will be affecting retirement plan recordkeeping clients that are currently using the bundled services through fidelity.

As this transition begins, clients may be wondering what this change exactly means to them?

  • What does this transition mean to you and your business?
    Fidelity Payroll Services
  • How will it affect your service?
  • Do you also need to move your Workers Compensation and health insurance to Paycor?
  • What about your 401K?
  • Is this the fit you are looking for?

Your business may be quite content with your current payroll and HR technology setup. This may include, workers’ compensation, a trusted 401k partner and health insurance.  Now that you have been notified that this may change.  Is this change for the better?  Do you need to make a move?

Our advice?

Ask questions and evaluate your options.  Discuss the acquisition with your HR partners – such as your insurance agents and financial advisors.  Take a little time to analyze your payroll and HR processes to identify what is working and what could improve.  Similarly, by looking at the details of your invoices over the past 2-3 months you can verify whether or not you are being overcharged. Often, employers find that they are being charged for extra services that they do not even use.

If you are looking for a different service experience from your payroll and HR technology company rather than a “one size fits all” solution, we would like to have a discussion. We offer you a dedicated account manager that knows your business, no matter how large or small your business is; great technology at a reasonable price, and services that can scale as your business grow.

Payroll Systems can help you focus on your operations reboot by taking care of your workforce management needs. We are happy to work with your current partners for 401K, as well as workers’ compensation and health insurance.  Our integrated and automated HR and payroll solutions, including paperless employee onboarding, are backed by human supported. They are always easy to scale to suit your specific needs at specific times.

Additionally, Payroll Systems specialties include paperless benefit enrollment, timekeeping systems with companion mobile app, physical clocks, job costing & labor distribution reporting customized to your business. We also offer full-service payroll & tax handling so you can focus on growing your business. We specialize in helping you get the most out of your time while offering personalized services and support.

Click here for a no-obligation payroll and HR technology evaluation or give us a call at 800-696-8004





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