98% year after year…

That’s a retention rate unrivaled in the payroll service industry! We think that says a great deal about our commitment to exceed your expectations of our offerings. But enough of what we think—read what some of our customers have to say.

And if you like what you see, let us show you how we can reduce your employer cost, liability and administrative burden through integrated payroll, benefits administration and human resource management systems. Tell me more!

Client since 2016…

“Sheri’s attitude towards me was, ‘I want to find a way to help you.’ And she did it with compassion. Even without knowing me, she treated me like a person and not just a client.” read more

Client since 2006….

“I’ve done accounting my [whole career] and I tend to miss deadlines. [With Payroll Systems] I don’t have to miss deadlines. Monique has been amazing and is always responsive.” read more

Client since 2013..

“It was a psychological hurdle to decide to outsource this part of my business. But it made my life a whole lot easier, and I’m happy I made the jump.” read more

Client since 2018…

“Payroll Systems offers a completely integrated system and the resources we need to stay informed and compliant in the HR space.” read more

Client since 2012…

“Since the beginning of our time working with Payroll Systems, it’s been as simple as the click of a button. From adding employees, time edits, submitting payroll, etc. It’s the easiest I’ve ever worked with in my 20-year hospitality career.” read more

I would highly recommend Payroll Systems…

“I am very pleased with Payroll Systems because of the user friendly payroll system they have in place and not to mention the quick responsive service. I would highly recommend Payroll Systems.” —Denise

Looking for a personal relationship with vendors…

“People like Katie can answer complicated questions quickly. It’s very personal. Katie taught me how to use the web interface. Once I learned it, it was a time saver.” read more

Client since 1997….

“I knew I would make a [payroll] mistake, so I was looking for someone. [Payroll Systems] was recommended. It’s extremely easy and is always very simple.” read more

Payroll Systems goes the extra mile…

“I have found that the quality of Payroll Systems employees are superior to those of other payroll companies. They go the extra mile for you, are very knowledgeable and very professional. My questions are always replied to very promptly.” read more

Managing unique challenges and fast growth…

“The service and expertise I receive from Payroll Systems is fantastic.” read more

As the company continues to scale, so do the number of employees…

“[Payroll Systems] is a great partner to work with, and their services allow us to focus on employee development and the company vision.” read more

Hoping to grow both within and beyond California borders

“Being a non-profit organization with AmeriCorps employees, we must provide detailed reporting each month to government agencies. These are easily extracted from our payroll job costing system…” read more

Client since 2017…

“We love [Payroll Systems], we have a great referral relationship, and a great relationship all the way around.” read more

Client since 2016…

“We selected Payroll Systems for multiple reasons. We knew selecting a platform that was all-in-one would help facilitate our rapid growth. We also liked the idea of a smaller company where positive and responsive customer service experience would be felt.” read more

Client since 2018…

“We realized payroll is not our forte and want professionals to do it. As a growing company, it is easier to rely on another organization that specializes in this field.”  read more

Client since 2014…

“One of the main reasons why we love working with Payroll Systems is because of their customer service. They get back to what we need really quickly. The honesty and integrity of those we work with is impressive.” read more

Client since 2012…

“Payroll Systems has made my life so much easier. We went from spending 4 hours to only 5-10 minutes in payroll processing. I like how [the software] is all integrated and connected. We’ve also been able to automate a lot of things like our timecards.” read more

Customer Services as it should be…

“We chose Payroll Systems after making the wrong decision twice then going back to the drawing board and comparing 8 different vendors. They asked the right questions, and came up with a solution that is easy for us to manage.” read more

A growing business in a growing economy…

“Payroll Systems made it a smooth process to not have to worry about one more thing. As far as compliance, it has been great to feel as if you are taken care of.” read more

Making the switch to Payroll Systems was seamless and easy…

“I used QuickBooks before, but once we got over 25 employees, we moved to Payroll Systems.” After running payroll reports with the Payroll Systems program, we were happy the switch was made. “Reports would take forever… the transition from QuickBooks to Payroll Systems was seamless. It went great… extremely easy.” read more

They are customer service driven and always there…

“I feel comfortable sending people to Payroll Systems. There has never been an instance where they didn’t have time. They’re customer service driven and are always there to answer questions quickly for the administration and staff.” read more

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Why Us?

System Harmony
Unify your workforce with our integrated HRIS, Time labor management, Benefits, and Payroll Software.

Integration Meet Customization
Pick and choose only the services you need while always remaining integrated.

Technology driven. Human supported.
You’ll receive a direct phone number and email to your assigned client manager. Receive timely assistance, unlimited training, and compliance support.

Tenured Staff
Our client managers average six years with payroll systems. Meaning, you can expect personalized service, knowledgeable guidance, and a friend.

Our software saves you time with anywhere, anytime access on a secure, dependable network.

Price Transparency
The price you are quoted is the price you will get. No gimmicks. No surprises. Just simple Guaranteed Pricing.