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The Pros of Dependent Care FSA Plans and Caregiving Benefits Post–COVID-19

As you gear up to resume operations, you may find that some employees will have a hard time with the logistics of transitioning back into a regular routine. Reverting to normal hours of operations may not be easy for those dealing with the following responsibilities:




  • Standard childcare
  • The care of children with special needs
  • The care of sick adults or permanently disabled adults
  • The care of sick or vulnerable older persons

This raises the concern of what the accessibility of safe and affordable care will look like when
we start to make the cautious transition back to on-site work. What can you offer employees to
help ease this hurdle going forward?

Caregiving Benefits

Dependent care FSA plans are like health spending accounts except that the funds are strictly used for childcare or care of an adult that is sick, disabled or elderly.

Other caregiving benefits that can be offered to employee also include but are not limited to:

✓ Providing employees with a reference list of local childcare and elderly care providers
✓ Setting up relief funds to help with expenses
✓ Subsidizing a child care center or program
✓ Offering flexible scheduling options for those that care for family members
✓ Access to elder care services and information (e.g., geriatric counseling, assisted living assessments, in-home assessments, elder care fairs)
✓ Family leave beyond the time required by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
✓ Family leave beyond state-mandated family and medical leave
✓ Elder care leave beyond federal FMLA leave
✓ Elder care leave beyond state-mandated family and medical leave

This current pandemic has opened the conversation for employers to assess what kind of accommodation they can give employees for urgent matters. Offering a dependent care FSA plan can help employees pay for the care their family needs without disrupting their work schedule.

Talk to Payroll Systems with any questions you may have about FSA plans or any other employee benefit your company may need.

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