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To all Payroll Systems Clients, Vendors, and Partners:

You certainly have already received countless emails and notifications on the topic of COVID-19. Payroll Systems would like to provide specific information regarding our services, and we will continue to update you as new information becomes available.

These are truly unprecedented times in our country and our world with the threat and spread of COVID-19. During these times we are all taking measures in our personal lives and our businesses to balance the threat of the coronavirus, and taking care of our employees, and loved ones. Thank you for your support during these challenging times. The more we work together, the easier it will be on all of us.

As you have heard by now, a “Shelter-in-Place” order was released for several Counties in California. The order specifies that an “Essential Business” should stay open. Payroll Systems is considered an essential business and we will remain operational in order to serve our clients and partners.

Payroll Systems will continue to provide our full suite of services. We are continuing to answer the phone or respond promptly to voice messages, respond to emails, we continue to host training sessions for new clients, and are on schedule to transition new clients onto our services in a timely manner.

To be clear: Whether you are utilizing our services through an online platform or rely on us via phone and email, we will continue to be operational. We are also in close contact with our delivery services and, as of today, have seen no disruption of services.

For your HR & compliance related questions, we work with a variety of resources and can connect you to make sure you are getting the information you need to make proper decisions.

We encourage all clients and partners to heed the guidelines put out by both federal and local governments, so we can move past this challenge as quickly as possible.

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